A Marriage

70 / 52 min, HD, Czech Republic, United States
directed and produced by Katerina Hager & Asad Faruqi

status: in developement

Several years after their official marriage, wheel-chair bound Zdenka, from the Czech Republic, and her Pakistani husband, Tabish, still communicate only over the internet.  A love born on the web, the two are forced to live their married life together via Skype.   Czech authorities serially deny Tabish a visa to enter the country, convinced they are protecting Zdenka and the State from an economic migrant seeking entry into Europe.  

Shot in both the Czech Republic and Pakistan, the film unfolds as a mystery discovering the nature of this digital relationship. Will their final reunion in the small Czech town mean a victory or yet a bigger challenge for the couple? 

Project´s website: www.amarriagefilm.com