A Marriage

74 / 52 min, Czech Republic / USA
directed and produced by Katerina Hager & Asad Faruqi
production company: Bohemian Productions
coproducers: Czech Television, Circus Lion Pictures



The documentary film A MARRIAGE tells a story of wheelchair-bound Zdenka from the Czech Republic and her Pakistani husband who originally met online playing an internet game on Facebook called Farmville. There, Tabish would regularly water Zdenka´s online vegetable patches. Instead of virtual tomatoes, a real friendship grew and soon blossomed into a romance - and eventually into a marriage.

But more than five years after their official marriage in Sri Lanka, Zdenka and Tabish are still forced to live their married life via Skype.  Czech authorities serially reject Tabish´s application for a visa to enter the Czech Republic, convinced they’re protecting Zdenka from a “feigned marriage” and the State from an economic migrant seeking entry to Europe. Based on long-term research, this moving film explores the nature of this relationship during both its online and offline phases while exposing the many existing social prejudices of the digitally connected but still in many ways divided world we live in.

Shot in the Czech Republic, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, this observational documentary is directed by the Czech director Katerina Hager and co-directed by the Emmy awarded Pakistani filmmaker Asad Faruqi presently based in the US. 

The Czech-Pakistani project has been supported by the Creative Europe Media and the Czech Film Fund. The project was presented at several international markets and awarded the Czech TV Co-production Award at the East Doc Platform 2019. The film is predicted to be a festival-travelling piece and is targeted towards an international audience in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Project´s website: www.amarriagefilm.com