Patty Cake, Patty Cake

(in development)

75 min., 52 min., Czech Republic/Iceland/USA, director: Kateřina Hager, producers: Jeffrey Brown, Kateřina Hager


Is running back to work with a new born baby in the house selfish and "unmotherly"? Is becoming a full-time mother a betrayal of the tenets of feminism? Can fathers substitute mothers as infant caretakers? Should they be forced to?

This film offers a unique insight into the life of three families expecting children from the Czech Republic, Iceland and United States and whose child raising strategies are shaped by the very contrasting cultural norms and institutional settings of parental leave in their own countries. This documentary tells personal stories of motherhood and fatherhood while presenting competing views of policy makers and social scientists, opening up a crucial debate on the controversial topic of early childcare and gender equality in the contemporary world.