documentary film

52 min, Czech Republic, 2017
director & producer: Kateřina Hager
cinematography: Jakub Šimůnek
sound: Vojtěch Komárek
editing: Šárka Sklenářová
co-producer: Czech Television



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documentary film

PATTY CAKE, PATTY CAKE (in development)
75 min., 52 min., Czech Republic/Iceland/USA
director: Kateřina Hager
producers: Jeffrey Brown, Kateřina Hager
cinematography: Jakub Šimůnek


Is running back to work with a new born baby in the house selfish and "unmotherly"? Is becoming a full-time mother a betrayal to the tenets of feminism? Can fathers substitute mothers as infant caretakers? Should they be forced to?

This film offers a unique insight into the life of three families expecting children from the Czech Republic, Iceland and United States and whose child raising strategies are shaped by the very contrasting cultural norms and institutional settings of parental leave in their own countries. This documentary tells personal stories of motherhood and fatherhood while presenting competing views of policy makers and social scientists, opening up a crucial debate on the controversial topic of early childcare and gender equality in the contemporary world.

documentary film

66 min., 52 min., Czech Republic/Spain
director/producer:  Kateřina Hager
cinematography: Aleš Hart, Jakub Šimůnek
editor: Lucie Haladová
sound: Adam Bezděk, Richard Műller



This film tells a story about two young talented artists coming from different ethnic and family backgrounds whose paths cross because of their unusual talent and passion for flamenco music.
Amós is twelve and grows up in Salamanca. A rising star recognized by Paco de Lucía, Amós has been playing guitar and composing since he was three.
Abraham is a twelve year old flamenco singer from the Gypsy community in Madrid's periphery. He grows up in an extended family where flamenco singing is a part of everyday life and passed on from generation to generation.
This is a moving story about child fame, the road taken to get there and the vibrant subculture of flamenco.

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documentary film



Teaser for the upcoming documentary film introducing a Czech elite tandem bike team – Marek Moflar, who is nearly blind, and his pilot Jiří Chyba. While Marek's family emigrates to England to find a better life as an ethnic Roma minority, Marek opts to stay behind in Prague and together with his pilot Jiri trains to win the next tandem paracycling world championships. His mother supports him by working at a conveyer belt in England. This is a story revealing that the most serious handicap is a lack of strong will and dreams.

Produced by Bohemian Productions

director: Katerina Hager
cinematography: Aleš Hart,
edit: Lucie Haladová
sound: Adam Bezděk
music: Miroslav Žára
cajón: Juraj Gara